About Us

Hi, I'm LauraJane, Owner of Vintage Bee Naturals.

I have been working with beeswax, natural oils & resin and essential oils for over 5 years now.

I have been fascinated with bees since I was a child and love all things Bees and Beeswax so am always looking for new ways to use it in the home.

We have been a plastic free company since Feb 2018. I promise your order will be sent to you without any plastics involved in the production or packaging. There is far too much plastic in this world. 

We promote zero waste and do everything we can to reduce, reuse or recycle everything we can during the production of our products.

I test and test and test and test everything I make until it is up to my exacting standards. I don't have OCD honest 😬

Be rest assured VBN is fully Product and Public Liability Insured and CLP compliant in line with trading standards.

Thanks for reading!
LauraJane x